develop-dont-destroy-whWe, your neighbors, have formed Develop Don’t Destroy West Haven to fight our city’s abuse of eminent domain. West Haven City Council is pursuing a two-phase development project that could affect over 150 homes and businesses in our city.

City Council has already authorized the use of eminent domain for the first phase, The Haven South, which will transform 24 acres of land, including cherished homes and businesses, into an upscale outlet mall. This neighborhood is home to many longtime West Haven residents and local businesses that create jobs and revenue for our city. They should not be forced to sell for a private development project—that’s eminent domain abuse.

Now, the city is exploring plans for the second phase of the project, The Haven North. According to documentation we received from the city, the current footprint for this project would cover 129 homes and businesses. The map below shows Phase I in purple (the city has already authorized eminent domain to seize these properties) and  Phase II in blue (this is based on a map we receive from the city’s zoning department).

City Council’s actions have shown that no one’s property is safe in West Haven.  That’s why we’re fighting back.

We need your support! Please sign our petition to the West Haven city council asking them to remove eminent domain from their plan for The Haven South! If you would like to join our efforts, please email us at at



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